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Adsplay International is a comprehensive and rich hub for the latest campaigns,offers,promotions and advertising; making it a great source for anyone looking to monetize or advertise their website,products and services. Simply put,the Adsplay International enables website owners,publishers and list owners to view and select advertiser campaigns to place on their own websites; all of which can deliver revenue from their respective visitors and users. By specializing in Cost-per-Action (CPA) Marketing,we are able to ensure that both the advertiser receives genuine leads,and the publisher receives utmost compensation. Unlike other models,an advertiser under the CPA model only pays when a specific action has been taken; for example,a survey has been completed or a file downloaded. For advertisers,this means that you will be getting more valuable,customizable feedback that is likely to turn into a paying customer and real results. For publishers,this means a higher payout from the advertiser,as the more complex the CPA,the greater your services are to them. Our flexibility and multi-marketing approach translates into results and success for your company. You are guaranteed a customized package,working with the marketing strategies of your choosing to maximize profit for your company. Adsplay International is comprised of a small team of dedicated,expert professionals who specialize in website design,web development,e-commerce,multi-media and maintenance services. We cater to clients both large and small,and tailor our products and services to every need. We have extensive experience working with clients to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy and see to it that they achievetheir business objectives. Our start-to-finish dedication,guaranteed timely payouts,and expertise in all matters of the IT domain ensures that you are in trusted hands. We can also help tailor existing advertisements to meet culturally-acceptable standards,for companies looking to reach an international audience. Adsplay International provides five types of campaigns on the network: Cost Per Acquisition/ Action (CPA) Campaigns : These are performance based campaigns that pay on a user action. Cost Per Lead (CPL) Campaigns : These are data driven campaigns that pay on qualified user data; also known as co-registation or host and post campaigns. Cost Per Sale (CPS) Campaigns – These are Pricing based on the number of sales transactions your ad generates. Since users may visit your site several times before making a purchase,you can use cookies to track their visits from your landing page to the actual online sale. Also known as cost-per-acquisition or pay-per-sale. Cost Per Mile (CPM) Campaigns – these are also called cost% and cost per thousand (CPT) it costs to show the ad to one thousand viewers/impressions . Cost Per Click (CPC) Campaigns Campaigns where publishers are paid for every unique user click. Advertisers and Publishers can also fully manage their campaigns using our bespoke Partner System; enabling them to log-in and manage all aspects of their active programs and campaigns,from reporting to third party tracking integration. Contact us to find out more about the Partner System. If you are an Advertiser looking to drive leads to your products and services,or you are a publisher seeking new revenue opportunities from your own website; feel free to contact us for further information or sign-up using the links below.

Number of Offers: 100+
Commission Type: CPA,CPL,CPS,CPM
Minimum Payment: $100
Payment Frequency: Net-30,Weekly,etc.
Payment Methods: Check,PayPal,Wire,etc.
Referral Commission: 5%
Tracking System: Adsplay Track N Pay
Tracking Link: N/A
Support & Contact: [email protected]
Types of Advertising: Other
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