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  1. HY affiliate allows you to work with the famous forex broker HYCM. Trading multiple markets is one of the advantages of working with this company:
    – You get to introduce broker with rich brokerage history.
    – HYCM is well regulated by the watchdogs of strict jurisdictions.
    – Clients’ funds are protected in top-tier bank entities. Plus HYCM customers are entitled to get insurance compensation in case of the company’s insolvency.
    – HY gives all the required assistance for its affiliate partners to their utmost productivity.
    HY affiliate programs can provide passive income without any trading experience.

  2. Affiliate programms are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Different companies of different segments are using it in its marketing strategies. No wonder brokers also took it on its service.
    HY affiliate marketing program is one of the most suitable and profitable i’ve met. Basicly it consist of three modes:

    1. CPA – cost per aquisition. This mode is about making a new clients for company. Once someone become a client via your reference – you get a payment.
    2. Revenue share – this type is based on your clients revenue. In other words your payment is a percentage of their profit.
    3. Lot rebate – this type is based on a perfomance of clients that you get to company

    There is also a sub affiliate mode – it is the same model, but afilliates referring other affiliates and get payment for that.
    HY affiliate programm is very profitable and allows you to have a passive income which is useful no matter what you doing. For example I’m a daytrader, but have my passive income from this proggram, and that allows me to gradually increase my deposit.

    1. I agree with every point!
      This affiliate program is really as good as everyone says it is. You can’t argue with facts.
      Commissions are handsome. I can choose commission plan that I prefer.
      I also like that I can invite sub-affiliates into my affiliate program. This allows me to expand my network and earn extra income.
      Tracking system helps me control all processes. It’s very handy and allows me to effectively track important statistics.

  3. HY Affiliates is universal and profitable affiliate program. I checked it on my own experience. I like our cooperation, and I hope it will continue for a long time.

  4. When I just started to trade I didn’t know nothing about affiliate program, but later I found this is a great tool to increase my profit.
    So I chose the cost per acquisition mode and that helped me to gain the significant anount of passive income. Not really sure about revenue share mode for now, but hat could be effective in the future, I think.

  5. the dashboard is clear.. uhm. ain’t know really what to say more 😀 everything is fine, I am delighted.

  6. I have been working with this partner program for about a year. During this time I haven’t had any problems. There were few issues, but they have been resolved with manager.

  7. It was a dilemma for me which affiliate program to choose. From one side, cost per acquisition is pretty familiar to me, as the most part of partners offer it.
    From another side, if you want to gain knowledge and experience as much as you can, you should choose other programs in order to develop.
    RevShare is quite an interesting one. I picked it and these days I am busy with building the strategy how to attract clients. I have some thoughts, but I require some more time.
    Hopefully, nobody restricts me in time, thus I am free to choose when to be busy with this activity, and when I can relax, yo.

  8. Hy affiliate can be a great addition to your trading income. If you trade long-term as I do, you can simultaneously attract clients to HYCM broker.
    However, the affiliate program has to be chosen correctly in this case. I mean if you can attract traders that are able to trade sustainably, I assume RevShare or Lot Rebate program will be more profitable.

  9. What I can say about this affiliate program is that it is very convenient! I manage all processes easily and without any problems.

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