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Who and what is World Leads CPA network,and why should I care?

You’ve probably heard the hype already? But just incase you haven’t,here’s why WL is quickly becoming ‘the’ top network to work with:

World Leads is a highly,professional,private CPA network,founded by successful affiliate marketers,for successful affiliate marketers.

Expect as standard:
– Industry leading payouts (up to 40% MORE than the competition!)
– Weekly or faster payments on any offer (once quality and volume cap has been established)
– All our offers are direct with the advertiser. Because brokering offers like other networks do,kills your payout and your redirect speeds. It’s for suckers!
– ‘Insider’ info (anything we know about an offer,you’ll know,shhh!)
– In-house,innovative,custom tracker with lightening fast re-directs. Killing ‘click-loss’ and adding ROI %’s on to your campaigns.
– Invites to our private ‘members only’ Skype mastermind groups – meet the other pubs that are doing what you’re doing and get tips or ‘kill it’ together.
– Support and management staff that have actually worked as affiliates themselves! If they’re awake,they will respond!

World Leads has offers in a wide range of verticals. Our ‘top 5’ include:
– Health/ Diet/ Supplements
– Adult/ Mainstream Dating/ Casual Dating
– Sweepstakes
– PIN Submits
– Mobile App installs

(We are rapidly adding new offers to gaming,utility and many other verticals.)

The hype is very real. World Leads isn’t just here to join in,we’re here to take-over!

Start becoming an elite affiliate marketer with WL right now. Or carry on being just average…

Number of Offers: 750+
Commission Type: CPA,CPL,CPS,CPI
Minimum Payment: $200
Payment Frequency: Net-30,Net-15,Net-10,Bi-Weekly,Weekly,Custom
Payment Methods: PayPal,Wire Transfer
Referral Commission: 1% for 6 months
Tracking System: In-house proprietary platform
Tracking Link:
Support & Contact: [email protected]
Upon Approval
[email protected]
Upon Approval
Types of Advertising: Other
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