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Admitad GmbH is an international CPA network of over 520000 publishers and over 1200 advertisers. Admitad was founded in Germany in 2009 and further was officially launched in 2010 and since that time it expanded its offering to Asia,Eastern and Western Europe as well as North America introducing such unparalleled benefits as weekly payments with different options for publishers to monetize their traffic.

Admitad has worldwide traffic and works with international offers. The strongest geo by volume includes Russia,the US,Western Europe,the UK and India. Working with truly global and widely recognized brands,admitad became an embodiment of the progressive start-up which is currently an international network with year-over-year revenue growth exceeding 100% for more than six consecutive periods. The justification of this success lies in innovative full service client-oriented approach,which helps both publishers and advertisers to increase profits optimizing their marketing campaigns through Cost-Per-Action programs.

Professionals in admitad are always looking for new business practices and developing current ones in order to offer publishers and advertisers the innovative affiliate marketing services. For advertisers and publishers admitad has prepared multiple pricing models,which are constructed in order to fit all circumstances and needs.

Currently admitad network offers a variety of payment methods so that everyone can find the right fit at admitad. For more details about these payment methods in admitad use this link:

Benefits and tools for advertisers and publishers:

Admitad offers a set of tools to help advertisers to expand and optimize their e-business. The tools provide attractive online services and real benefits to admitad’s clients to boost their sales in the field of affiliate marketing. Regardless the size of your business,admitad experts are always here to help you with selecting the best program with the tools,which fit right to your particular business,and to provide personal support.

Admitad is a leader in development of new tools for publishers and advertisers. Some of these tools for advertisers include the following: retag,retargeting,recommendations,product feeds,cart tracking,vecontact,automated chat agent,and a set of coupons and deals.

Details of the affiliate network

Web address:

The company is present in a wide number of the e-commerce segments including:

Publisher types include a wide spectrum from cashback and coupon sites; marketplaces such as content sites or comparison sites; bloggers and vloggers,including YouTube; e-mailing publishers,social networks and other platforms for retargeting; and,of course,popup or click under toolbars with banner and teaser networks.

Minimum payout: 10 $ in any currency.

Forms of payment: PayPal,e-payments and wire transfer.

Main technical advantages: antifraud technologies,cross-device tracking,fingerprint tracking,advertiser toolbox,anti-cookie technologies,deep linking options,cross-device tracking,in-house platform;

Business model: admitad does not take fees. The network provides up-to-date detailed analytics and useful tools. To request impersonal data for e-commerce segments and other regional data email here: [email protected].

Territorial coverage: network with global presence.
Admitad has worldwide traffic and works with international offers. Currently it supports over 1250 affiliate programs and 52200 publishers trust the company. Admitad has a global market penetration strategy. Admitad’s European market penetration,especially the DACH and the CIS region,is already fairing incredibly well. Currently the company is focused on the Polish market.

Support service: There is a number of tools for both publishers and advertisers. Each admitad client is assigned an individual account manager with expertise in the client’s specific field to optimize the campaign,including publisher expansion and manual vetting. Moreover,all advertisers have their personal managers and are always welcome to contact them regarding any question about admitad and CPA marketing.


In conclusion,admitad offers various advantages to both advertisers and publishers. From the technical side the network makes your life easier and business more effective with such tools as fraud prevention,cross-device tracking,fingerprint tracking,ad blocks and others. Moreover,it offers you an in-house platform with an opportunity to work with internationally recognized brands with the strongest geo by volume in the US,Russia,Western Europe,the UK and India.

admitad network continues its expanding on a global scale and has exclusive partnerships with the most recognized brands worldwide. Moreover,admitad’s publishers and advertisers have an access to a huge range of tools,which help with increasing conversions and program performance. Admitad uses various cutting-edge technologies in order to help its partners to be successful in their marketing campaigns.

admitad network includes companies from an extensive list of segments: clothes and footwear,digital and household appliances,furniture and household products,products for children,food delivery,sport,software,hotels and tourism and many more.

It is time to raise the bar and get the payouts you know you deserve – admitad is always open to help you to gain and grow a successful business!

Number of Offers: 2330
Commission Type: CPA,CPS,CPL
Minimum Payment: $20
Payment Frequency: Weekly
Payment Methods: Check,PayPal,Wire
Referral Commission: 5%
Tracking System: In-house proprietary platform
Tracking Link: N/A
Support & Contact: [email protected]
[email protected]
Types of Advertising: eCommerce,Game,Mobile
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