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Bid Magnet Ad Network is a network with a lot of opportunities for every publisher. Demand is huge and is presented by 200+ DSPs and 2000+ direct advertisers. We accept mobile and desktop traffic,mainstream and adult,web/inapp/toolbar. We’ve can monetize banners (every size and form),pop traffic,push traffic,video instream traffic. We don’t do CPA,only CPC/CPM/CPMV model so you don’t have to depend on conversions,just send us a good enough quality traffic and we’ll do the rest. The payments are fast and the payment period is negotiable (from net15 with 15 days hold to on-request payment).

Number of Offers: 4
Commission Type: CPM
Minimum Payment: $50
Payment Frequency: Net-15
Payment Methods: PayPal,Wire,WebMoney,ePayments,Payoneer
Referral Commission: 3%
Tracking System: In-house proprietary platform
Tracking Link: N/A
Support & Contact: [email protected]
(46) 855922623
[email protected]
Types of Advertising: Mobile
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