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IRIS Media is gathering some of the most experienced and well-known industry veterans when it comes to acquiring sustainable users on a global scale. With up to 10+ years in the ad tech sphere,both on Mobile and Desktop,our team of international leaders combines knowledge,skills and a truly client focused mindset. Reaching millions of users in over 80 countries on a monthly base,IRIS Media is actively adding value to the most successful app and lead generation campaigns in various verticals such as Transportation,Delivery,Shopping,Gaming,Gambling and Dating. As a digital agency,IRIS Media merges programmatic in-house technology with a vast network of trusted partners and sources. Depending on the clients’ needs,IRIS Media advises and delivers on anything from purely performance-based app installs to hyper targeted influencer campaigns.

Number of Offers:1000+
Commission Type:CPA,CPI
Minimum Payment:$500
Payment Frequency:Net-30
Payment Methods:Wire,PayPal
Referral Commission:N/A
Tracking System:Affise
Tracking Link:N/A
Support & Contact:[email protected]
Types of Advertising:Finance,eCommerce,Travel,Gambling,Dating
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